Ophelia Bakowski

Embrace; A River Runs Through

In Embrace; A river runs through, the remedy of a river washes over them, through them and with them, allowing for oneness and a cosmic communion. Ophelia Bakowski performs a queering ceremony for the unseen and unheard: a healing act of letting go.  The river’s force nourishes a rite of passage, a queer baptism, a bath of transcendence and a pool of reflection, in order to let go of the confines of ones skin. In this video the gentle and rhythmic dance of the river is a meditation upon the esotericism of nature, in turn celebrating the fluidity of gender. Bakowski demonstrates that upon relinquishing the anchors of binary statuses, liberation of flesh and spirit may be achieved, allowing the currents to guide us into glistening states.

- Jake Adam Treacy

EXCERPT // Embrace; A River Runs Through

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